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Advantages of iTero Technology

At the conclusion of your dental treatment, the results are always flawless and beautiful. Your crowns, bridges, and veneers look just as nature intended and feel as comfortable as your natural teeth. Unfortunately, the road to the final result isn’t always so pretty.

As your dentist attempts to capture the details and dimensions of your teeth and mouth, the traditional impression process is often messy and awkward. Rather than disrupt the restorative process with putty and impression trays, your dentist may select iTero technology to complete the procedure. 

With today’s modern dentistry, it is possible to be more comfortable during each phase of the restorative process.

Using iTero™ digital technology, your dentist can produce a highly accurate impression for your crown or bridge, without the use of uncomfortable trays and putty. With such precision, iTero technology virtually guarantees a perfect fit for your new crown or bridge. Essentially, you can expect a smoother, faster, and more comfortable impression process with outstanding results.

With today’s modern dentistry, it is possible to be more comfortable during each phase of the restorative process. There is no longer a need to struggle with the conventional impression procedure.   iTero allows you to say goodbye to the messy putty and the unpleasant taste that often triggers the gag reflex. In exchange for the putty, only the tip of a hand-held wand will need to touch your teeth.

Both the patient and the dental team can appreciate the reduction in anxiety as the digital impression is captured. The hand-held scanner is nothing more than a compact wand that is used to record the dimensions of your teeth and gums. Although this scanning process takes only three to five minutes, it can be stopped and started as often as necessary. You’ll be able to breathe comfortably and you won’t be burdened with a mouth full of goopy impression material.

Who wouldn’t want to exchange a messy and uncomfortable procedure for a sleek and high-tech method? With all the advantages of iTero technology, you’ll never miss the traditional methods. For exceptionally comfortable and accurate dental restorations, call Balcones Family Dental, serving Austin TX 78729, to schedule an appointment today.

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Solutions for a Great Smile Today

Zoom teeth whitening AustinWhat does it take to have a bright, healthy-looking smile? Often, when the teeth and gums are healthy, a simple whitening procedure such as Zoom Teeth Whitening can completely transform your smile.

There are other, more invasive procedures for improving your smile, such as porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, or orthodontic treatment, but none of these procedures offers the instant advantages of in-office teeth whitening.

In recent decades, cosmetic dentistry has progressed to include highly customizable choices that can address both your immediate and long-term esthetic concerns. In terms of teeth whitening, there are a number of advantages to same-day procedures such as Zoom!.

The obvious advantage, same-day whitening simply can’t be ignored. For patients who are looking forward to an upcoming special event, there may not be enough time for traditional two or three week at-home whitening sessions. Whether the event is a wedding, a date, a class reunion, or a graduation, you deserve to look your best today.

Choosing to have your teeth whitened under the expertise of an experienced dental professional will ensure that the procedure is right for you, that it is completed safely, and that the process is yields the results that you expect. Without the help and supervision of your dentist and staff, you could be left to contend with adverse results such as sensitivity or no results at all.

In a single, one hour dental visit, you can expect your smile to lighten by as many as eight shades. With powerfully revolutionary technology, both internal and external stains can be lifted to reveal a fresh new smile.

Though this form of teeth whitening is powerful, the procedure is proven to be safe and can blast away stain without changing the composition of your enamel. As with any other form of whitening, the procedure may need to be repeated as new stain accumulates if you desire to maintain your bright, new smile. Darkly pigmented foods, drinks, and tobacco products are known to speed the discoloration process, but periodic whitening can be safely repeated as necessary.

For a proven solution that can transform your smile, call the Austin practice of Dr. Paul Lounsberry at 512-200-7422 to schedule your visit.

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