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Preserve Natural Teeth with Dental Implants

Many people who have lost a tooth recently may not be aware of the effects the missing tooth can have on the remaining natural teeth. Teeth work together to support one another in the mouth as they work on biting, chewing, speaking and more. When a tooth is lost, that support is compromised; teeth can begin to move within the mouth, leading to misalignments of the teeth, which can be detrimental to the patient’s bite, and alter speech.

Shifting teeth can lead to more serious issues, such as Temperomandibular Joint Disorder, and can even lead to further tooth loss.  However, treatments such as dental implants can restore the support and functionality of the missing tooth, preserving the natural bite pattern, aid with speech and improve the appearance of the smile. 

Dental implants help to prevent the recession of tissues, while also strengthening and supporting surrounding teeth and restoring full functionality to the mouth by preserving bite and speech patterns.

Dental implants involve an implant dentist placing a small titanium support directly into the patient’s mouth, where it fuses with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This bonding helps to provide strength and support to the implant, while helping to mimick the natural functions of the tooth’s root to stimulate and preserve the health of the gum tissue and jawbone.

When a tooth is lost, the stimulus of these tissues is also lost, leading to gum tissue and jawbone recession. Over time, this recession of these tissues can spread across the mouth, weaking the support afforded to other teeth, and so could lead to further tooth loss.

Dental implants help to prevent the recession of tissues, while also strengthening and supporting surrounding teeth and restoring full functionality to the mouth by preserving bite and speech patterns. Dental implants also serve to prevent teeth from shifting and also improve the appearance of the smile.

To finish off the dental implant treatment, a dental crown is affixed onto the titanium support to restore the appearance of a natural, healthy tooth. The crown can be shaped and even shaded to give the best possible appearance, blending in seamlessly with existing teeth to give a natural look.

Dental implants are also easily cared for, and require no special care. They can be cleaned and maintained as part of a normal dental health program, and can last a lifetime with proper care. Dental implants can not only replace a missing tooth, but also play a pivotal role in maintaining dental health by preserving the health of the remaining natural teeth.

Contact the office of Dr. Paul Lounsberry, serving Round Rock and neighboring areas, to learn how dental implants can restore your smile.

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Eliminate Tough Dental Stains with Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening AustinBusy lifestyles may mean less care of our teeth’s appearance. While we may brush and floss regularly to help maintain our dental health, stains may still form on the surface of our teeth; especially if we’re fond of strong, dark drinks such as tea or coffee, or tobacco.

A dull, drab smile can be a real confidence-sapper, but there are a range of teeth whitening treatments, from simple toothpastes to advanced Zoom teeth whitening, that can target stains and help restore a brighter smile. While deeper staining that appears below the surface of the tooth enamel requires more detailed and extensive treatments, superficial staining on the surface on the teeth is easily treatable.

Specially formulated tooth whitening toothpastes and tooth whitening strips can help to remove superficial staining on the teeth, but for tougher stains, it may be necessary to have professional teeth whitening treatment via a cosmetic dentist.

Depending on the severity of the staining, the desired results and the patient’s timeframe, the cosmetic dentist can offer several options. Take-home tooth whitening kits can be administered to allow the patient to whiten teeth in their own home. These kits, although similar in operation to those that can be shop-bought, offer greater benefits to the patient than over-the-counter kits.

For example, the formulation of the bleaching agents will be better matched to achieve the desired result, whereas the formulation found in over-the-counter kits may not be strong enough, or prove too potent and could cause harm to the patient’s teeth, gums or mouth. The applicator tray is also custom-fitted to better shape the patient’s mouth than those found in kits from the local drugstore.

For fast results, Zoom teeth whitening is an option. Performed in a single day, Zoom treatment involves the cosmetic dentist using light-activated gels and a high intensity light to quickly, safely and effectively restore the brightness of the teeth that could otherwise take several weeks of using tooth whitening kits to achieve similar results.

To learn more about your teeth whitening options in Austin TX, contact Balcones Family Dental at 512-200-7422 and schedule your individualized consultation today.

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