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Eat the Foods You Want with Dental Implants

Artificial tooth replacements such as dental implants are quite possibly today’s very best substitute for missing teeth. Whereas past generations may have turned to dentures, partials, and bridges when tooth loss was a concern, those false teeth were unable to perform naturally when it came to chewing certain foods. As a result patients were somewhat limited in their eating choices, or forced to compromise on comfort in order to eat properly.

For some patients, the inability to eat the foods of their choice is more than a matter of preference, it’s a matter of health. With limited food choices or without the desire of eating comfortably, malnutrition becomes a very real possibility. It’s a condition that often stems from difficulty chewing and it can have long-term consequences. 

Implants are particularly effective because they are anchored directly to the underlying jawbone in order to provide the stability that is necessary for chewing fresh vegetables, raw fruits, and even meats.

When the body lacks the vitamins and nutrients that come from a balanced diet, patients may suffer from gum disease, weakened bones, and weakened muscles. Without proper nutrition, chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are also more difficult to manage.

The signs and symptoms of malnutrition may include general fatigue, bleeding gums, and muscle cramps that can become more severe as the condition progresses. The symptoms can also become more severe in elderly patients. Fortunately, dental implants are an ideal solution that is suitable for patients of all ages.

Implants are particularly effective because they are anchored directly to the underlying jawbone in order to provide the stability that is necessary for chewing fresh vegetables, raw fruits, and even meats. Plus, implants are designed to become a permanent part of your smile. That means that they will remain in place both day and night without needing to be removed and without the use of denture adhesives.

With dental implants, you can eat the foods that you want as well as the foods that you need while preserving your health and the quality of your life in the process. Contact the office of Dr. Paul Lounsberry today to learn more.

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Feeling Self Conscious about Your Smile?

It is quite natural that each of us feels a little self-conscious about some aspect of our appearance. Who hasn’t evaluated themselves in the mirror or in a photo and spent some time thinking about how we could improve the details? Of course, there are some aspects like physical height or the shape of the eyes that cannot be changed. Other details, such as the appearance of your smile, can be enhanced with cosmetic dentistry for a dramatic improvement. The field of cosmetic dentistry is vast, and there are virtually unlimited ways in which your dentist can eliminate both minor and major flaws to reveal an attractive smile that makes you feel more comfortable.

The appearance of your smile also has a definite impact on the way that others perceive you. Studies have shown that a great smile makes you appear more attractive, successful and intelligent to those around you.

Depending upon the aspects of your smile that you wish to improve, your dentist may recommend one or more cosmetic procedures such as veneers, dental implants, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and/or Invisalign to achieve the results that you desire.

The following is a list of the some of the top-requested and most desirable smile improvement requests:

• Straighter teeth

• Whiter, brighter teeth

• A more natural and sincere smile

• Replacement of missing teeth

• A cleaner, more uniform and symmetrical smile

Porcelain veneers and crowns provide beautiful, permanent solutions for those patients who are interested in changing the shade, size, or shape of the teeth. These restorations can also be helpful in concealing gapped teeth and chipped or stained teeth.

Dental implants are the gold standard for permanent and attractive tooth replacement.

Zoom! Teeth whitening and Invisalign orthodontics provide teens and adults with the most discreet and most comfortable alternatives for whitening and straightening the teeth.

You can find out all about your options for achieving the smile that makes you feel less self-conscious and more self-assured when you contact Balcones Family Dental for a personalized consultation today. Call us at 512-200-7422 to schedule an appointment.

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