5 Tips for Preparing for Your Next Dental Exam
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5 Tips for Preparing for Your Next Dental Exam

5 Tips for Preparing for Your Next Dental Exam

When a regularly scheduled dental visit rolls around, many patients start panicking about their obvious lack of good dental hygiene or their fear of being given a scary diagnosis. Dental exams, however, don’t have to be causes for fear and stress. If you have a dental exam coming up, you can use these five helpful tips to prepare for your exam and calm your frazzled nerves.

Don’t Panic

The first tip is simple: don’t panic. There is no use getting in an uproar about your approaching dental exam. Many patients try to make up for bad habits by flossing every hour the day before their visit. This isn’t going to accomplish anything other than making your gums bleed and your mouth hurt. Stay calm and remember that the dentist just wants to help. Viewing your dentist as a person with your best interests at heart can help to calm some of the panic associated with a regular checkup.

Brush Your Teeth

While you can’t trick the dentist into thinking that you’ve been a faithful brusher, it is a good idea to brush your teeth before you visit the dentist. Brushing your teeth removes large food particles from your teeth and improves your breath. This may eliminate some of the embarrassment or discomfort that many people associate with the dentist’s office.

Floss Your Teeth

It’s also a good idea to break out that dental floss and give your teeth a good flossing. Most dental hygienists will floss your teeth during the exam, but you can make the task a little easier by flossing ahead of time.

Avoid Eating a Few Hours Before Your Visit

If you want to be as comfortable as possible while reclined in the dentist’s chair, you might want to avoid eating for a few hours before you visit. This will eliminate any potentially embarrassing situations such as bad breath, large food particles between the teeth, or even belching. Drinking clear fluids, like water, will keep you hydrated and prevent you from experiencing excessive dry mouth while you’re in the chair.

Make a List of Questions

Above all, it’s a good idea to make a list of any potential questions you may have for your dentist. A lot of patients get stage fright in the dentist’s office and forget to ask an important question about tooth pain, gum discomfort, or some other issue related to oral health. When you write questions down, you’ll be more likely to have a productive interview with the dentist.

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