Aesthetic Dental Transformations
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Aesthetic Dental Transformations

Aesthetic Dental Transformations

Have you ever noticed a perfectly aligned, bright white smile on a stranger and wished that your pearly whites would look like that? With some help from cosmetic dentistry, you can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Most people want to improve somehow on their natural smile, whether it’s to make the teeth straighter or whiter or more proportional. Various cosmetic dentistry treatments can help patients reach all of those goals and more.

Some patients will need an extensive smile overhaul with several different interventions. In these cases, the dentist might start with Invisalign, the system of clear plastic trays that re-align the teeth. After the teeth are straightened, then the dentist can proceed with other aesthetic treatments.

Another popular cosmetic treatment is dental implants. These titanium screw-like structures are surgically inserted into the jaw, and they hold prosthetic crowns in place, giving patients a remarkably lifelike replacement for a tooth that was lost to injury or decay. Eliminating a noticeable space in a smile offers a major aesthetic improvement.

Patients with less severe problems may benefit from veneers, which are thin porcelain tooth-shaped shells used to correct a variety of problems with the teeth’s appearance. A veneer can conceal a stain, chip or crack in a tooth. In fact, when a stretch of teeth is slightly crooked, veneers can be used to create the appearance of a straight line, saving the patient from extensive orthodontic treatment.

The shade of the teeth is a concern for many patients and teeth whitening treatments can address this problem. Some patients may find that all they need to improve the smile’s appearance is teeth whitening. An in-office system like Zoom! teeth whitening can help patients brighten the teeth by up to 8-10 shades in as little as an hour.

Patients have many options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, so there’s no need to suffer with an unappealing smile. Improving your smile’s aesthetics can boost your self-esteem and even the functionality of the teeth.  Contact our experienced dental team at 512-200-7422 to learn which available treatments that will be beneficial in your case.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.