New City, New Dentist: Tips to Find your New Dental Provider
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New City, New Dentist: Tips to Find your New Dental Provider

New City, New Dentist: Tips to Find your New Dental Provider

dentist north austinMoving to a new location can be a stressful experience, but it does not have to affect your underlying health and wellness. Of course, regular checkups and treatments are necessary to stay healthy, so finding new medical and dental providers in your new city is essential. After moving to a new city, consider using these tips to find your new dentist.

Contact your Benefits Department

Dental insurance is a great option for affordable care. However, many insurance providers limit your options when it comes to coverage, so consider contacting your benefits department for a list of in-network dental providers.

In many cases, your benefits department will offer you a few local dentists that all accept your insurance coverage.

Ask New Neighbors and Coworkers

If you are searching for a dentist in your new city, your new neighbors and coworkers can offer suggestions on friendly, experienced, and affordable dental providers in your new area.

Ask your Primary Care Physician

If you have already found and established a primary care physician in your new city, allow them to offer recommendations on local dental providers. Since your doctor has access to your medical records, they can give you suggestions on dentists that will suit your oral and medical health needs.

Schedule a Consultation

Contacting your insurance provider and asking for recommendations may give you some ideas on new providers in your city, but you should schedule a consultation to meet before deciding on your new dentist.

It is important to tour the facility, meet all of the staff, and undergo a full exam during the consultation. Ask your potential dental provider what treatments they recommended for healthy, appealing teeth. In addition, meet with the billing department to learn how their payments and claims are arranged with patients and insurance providers.

Moving away from old neighbors and coworkers can be challenging, but you can find a good quality dentist with a bit of effort. If you are new to the area, contact our office at Balcones Family Dental to schedule a consultation.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.