Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered
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Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Zoom teeth whitening AustinZoom teeth whitening is one of the leading cosmetic applications that is both affordable and readily accessible. Some patient questions include:

How long will whitening last?

This is not a permanent solution; however, you can do several things to make your new bright smile last. Avoid or limit the things known to stain dental enamel, like coffee, tea, red wine, cola (or drink them through a straw so liquid will bypass teeth), berries, tomato-based sauces, or any food known to contain food dyes. If you are going to consume these, plan to brush or rinse as soon as possible to reduce exposure to teeth.

How often can I whiten?

You should not whiten more often than once per year, as touch-up kits are available as needed. But proper care may keep your teeth bright for up to a year.

Will I experience sensitivity?

If you are prone to sensitivity due to gum recession or any other reason, simply inform your dental provider. Special care for sensitive areas will be taken as well as you will likely be advised to use a toothpaste designed for sensitivity for a couple of weeks prior to whitening to lessen the problem.

How will teeth whitening affect my previous cosmetic dental work?

If you have any restorations like tooth colored fillings, crowns, dental bonding, etc. that appear in the smile line, teeth whitening will not have any effect on them. Your biological teeth will lighten; however, your cosmetic enhancements will not. If you anticipate any procedures to be done, whiten first so our cosmetic dentists can best match to your new dental shade.

I think I may be pregnant … can I get my teeth whitened?

Patients that are pregnant or breast feeding are advised to delay having teeth whitened until after they are no longer doing either.

Will whitening damage my teeth?

Research indicates that Zoom whitening products have no negative effect on dental enamel.

If I get my teeth whitened, how white can I expect them to get?

Many patients experience up to eight shades lighter, but our dentists will inform you of what you can expect your specific results to be.

If you have further questions, call us at Balcones Family Dental to discuss your own teeth whitening treatment.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.