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Welcome to Balcones Family Dental in Austin, TX! Our focus on patient comfort sets us apart, and we think you’ll notice the difference as soon as you visit us. We are committed to using up-to-date dental technology and quality materials in a welcoming and relaxing environment so you can get the smile you deserve and enjoy the process, too! Whether you have a dental emergency, feel anxious about visiting the dentist, can’t eat the food you love, are embarrassed to smile or you’re simply overdue for a cleaning and checkup, you are in the right place. Our patient-centered staff is proud to bring you the highest standard of service and care available, all with the end result in mind…a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dr. Paul Lounsberry | Balcones Family Dental | Austin, TX

Meet Dr. Paul Lounsberry

Dr. Paul Lounsberry has been practicing general dentistry in Austin since he graduated from dental school at the University Of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1984. One of Dr. Lounsberry’s long-term goals was to have a neighborhood family practice near home. He fulfilled that goal in June of 1995 when he opened Balcones Family Dental, and as the name implies, his practice caters to the entire family!
Dr. Ross Maddox | Balcones Family Dental | Austin, TX

Meet Dr. Ross Maddox

Dr. Ross Maddox is originally from Dallas and has been in the Central Texas area for over 10 years. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from Texas State University and is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Dr. Maddox joined Balcones Family Dental in the summer of 2011. His affinity for the hill country and outdoors make Austin a perfect home for Dr. Maddox.

“From the front desk staff to the dental hygienists to the dental assistants to the Dentist, you will be treated like family all the way. Two thumbs up!”

review3Ryen M.
Dallas, TX

“The best dentists and staff in Austin! My family has loved this place for years. Honest, quality and treat you like family!”


review3Monta T.
Austin, TX

“Absolutely the best dental team! Excellent customer service and they treat you like family!


review3Rachelle P.
Austin, TX

Dental Filling

fillingsTooth-colored dental fillings, often called “composite fillings” or “filled resins,” are a mixture of quartz or glass filler in a resin medium that makes a natural looking filling. The material is cured with a special light and the surface is shaped and polished, so the end result is a virtually undetectable restoration that feels natural in your mouth.

Composites are strong and durable. Additionally, because these fillings are bonded to teeth instead of mechanically held in place, the process is more conservative in relation to tooth structure removal, therefore more healthy natural tooth is able to remain. This results in smaller fillings.

Dental Crowns

Dental crownscrowns are often called “caps.” They cover teeth to restore them to their appropriate shape and size after large fillings, fractures, or weakening forces such as intense grinding. In all these cases, crowns not only cover teeth but also provide added support. They can be used to attach fixed dental bridges, cover dental implants, restore seriously discolored or misshapen teeth, and even as a preventive measure to protect a tooth in danger of breaking. Crowns can be made of all-porcelain (ceramic) material, porcelain fused to metal, and gold alloys (high noble). Each restorative material has its advantages and disadvantages. We prefer porcelain because it is the most natural looking.

Porcelain Veneers


For a dramatic smile makeover, porcelain veneers can totally change the appearance of your teeth to give you the smile of your dreams! Veneers are thin, custom-made casings applied to the front side of teeth to change their shape, color, or general appearance in practically any way you desire. After consulting with you about your treatment options, we create a model based on the smile makeover look of your choice. We will send the model to a dental technician in a lab who will then make your actual veneers with durable, tooth-colored materials that will look and feel natural in your mouth.When veneers are applied, a small amount of tooth enamel usually needs to be removed to fit the veneers onto the teeth. For this reason, veneers are typically an irreversible treatment so it is important to be prepared for a permanent improvement in the look and feel of your smile!

ZOOM!® In-house teeth whitening


ZOOM!® is a one-visit, usually two-hour teeth whitening system that is great for busy patients! A high intensity light, sometimes referred to as a laser whitening light, is used to enhance the effectiveness of the bleach. The bleaching agent used, however, is the most important element of the process. Before the whitening, a comfortable shield is placed in your mouth as well as protective gel that protects your gums and soft tissues. Desensitizers can be applied, as well, to minimize tooth sensitivity. We think you will be impressed by the results that can be achieved by ZOOM! in only a couple of hours!

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.