Detecting Cavities Early with Laser Technology
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Detecting Cavities Early with Laser Technology

Detecting Cavities Early with Laser Technology

Tooth decay has maintained its status as one of the most common dental diseases for many decades. In fact, as we emphasize preventive dentistry, our dentist is dedicated to eliminate and prevent tooth decay.

This disease, also known as caries or cavities, can attack and damage the teeth at any age, and can progress deep within the tooth without causing and sensitivity or discomfort. It is unfortunate that, in many cases, by the time a cavity begins to cause pain, it has damaged the nerve within the tooth. In order to save a tooth in this condition, it is often necessary to perform a root canal procedure, place a crown, or completely remove the tooth. [pullquote]The Diagnodent laser can measure the density of the enamel to target the areas that have been weakened by cavities.[/pullquote]

To prevent any discomfort and eliminate the disease as early as possible, routine dental exams are a vital part of your healthcare regimen. During these visits, Diagnodent® laser technology can be used to detect the very earliest signs of tooth decay. Even before a cavity can be visualized on an x-ray or with the naked eye, it can be identified with the help of a specialized laser.

The Diagnodent laser can measure the density of the enamel to target the areas that have been weakened by cavities. In some cases, the deep grooves and crevices that are found on the biting surface of the teeth can conceal tooth decay. These areas may become stained and discolored, making it difficult to diagnose a true cavity. With advanced laser technology, even these suspicious areas can be properly evaluated and then treated appropriately.

With early detection, tooth decay can be treated in the most conservative manner possible. Your fillings can be relatively small, as minimally invasive filling techniques can be employed and more of your natural tooth can be preserved.

Your dentist helps to aid you in the fight against all dental diseases and offer the treatment hat is best for your health. With the help of advanced technology, you can be assured that you are indeed receiving the care that you deserve.

To schedule your next dental examination or to learn more about Diagnodent laser technology, contact our team of dedicated dentists at Balcones Family Dental, serving North Austin and neighboring areas, today to schedule an appointment.

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