Drug-Free Headache Prevention (Nightguard)
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Drug-Free Headache Prevention (Nightguard)

nightguards-austin-txTraditional theories have linked tension-type headaches (TTH) to muscle contraction and tightness in the jaw, scalp, neck, and shoulders. A small, comfortable bite guard worn at night, called an NTI, can work to reduce the intensity of clenching and teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism.


This FDA-approved mouthpiece fits securely on either your upper or lower front teeth while you sleep, creating exclusive contact between your incisors (the eight teeth in the front of your mouth with straight edges) and preventing your molars from touching or grinding. This enables the muscles of your jaw, head, and neck to relax, subsequently allowing you to find the relief you seek from your headaches and/or jaw pain – without drugs!


Visit NTI’s website to learn more.