Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment
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Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

In order to achieve the dazzling, beautiful smile that you desire, it is sometimes necessary to employ a number of cosmetic dental procedures. Porcelain veneers, bonding, whitening, reshaping, and orthodontics may be necessary to sculpt the smile of your dreams.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are far more than the eye can see. A beautiful smile can help you to feel your best during social and professional interactions. In fact, your smile is a powerful form of communication and it plays a significant role in the impression that you make on others.

In light of these facts, you may need to consider the available financing options in order to accomplish your goals. Today, more and more dental patients are utilizing a number of financial resources to invest in their smiles. [pullquote]In order to achieve the dazzling, beautiful smile that you desire, it is sometimes necessary to employ a number of cosmetic dental procedures.[/pullquote]

Once you and your dentist have determined the cosmetic procedures that are best for you, it is important to begin developing a financial strategy. Mapping out your payment options can provide you with realistic expectations and enable you to address your concerns in advance.

For many patients, dental insurance can help to cover some of the costs associated with dental care. Although few insurance plans will cover the entire cost of treatment, most plans do include benefits for your examinations and x-rays.

After maximizing your insurance allowances, you may choose to take advantage of options such as flexible spending or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  These products are designed to provide you with a savings strategy in order to plan for medical and dental expenses. By contributing a pre-determined amount to these accounts each pay period, you can accumulate a substantial amount of savings while often reducing your taxable income in the process.

CareCredit, a popular finance option for many patients, offers a number of solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. With a full range of flexible, monthly payment plans and no annual fees, this revolving line of credit can be used for ongoing treatment for the entire family.

Financing your new smile doesn’t have to be a headache. Contact Balcones Family Dental, serving Round Rock and the surrounding areas, to learn more about your options as you begin the journey towards your new smile.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.