Healthy Dental Habits to Follow
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Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

dentist north AustinMake every trip to the dentist a reason to smile by incorporating the daily practice of healthy habits contributing to dental and oral health. Oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing, are only one part of caring for teeth, gums, and mouths. Taking care to floss regularly improves healthy gums and reduces buildup between teeth, where sneaky cavities lurk, but there are other habits that can help improve and maintain overall dental health.

Consuming simple or processed sugars and carbohydrates, such as those in soda, candy, and white bread or pastas, helps set the stage for bacteria growth and cavities by increasing sugars in the mouth. Simple carbohydrates digest fast and they start digesting before even swallowed, breaking down into sugars while still in the mouth. It’s not necessary to cut these foods out of a diet completely, but brushing immediately after eating them can greatly improve dental health efforts.

Staying hydrated also helps because, when properly hydrated, the mouth remains moist and saliva production is fairly consistent. Saliva helps remove food that may otherwise be stuck in the mouth. It also reduces acids in the mouth, protecting teeth and enamel. Chewing on sugar-free ADA-approved chewing gum, especially after a meal if brushing is inconvenient, can greatly improve oral health by increasing saliva in the mouth and helping to remove any remaining food particles. [pullquote]Maintaining regular checkups allow the dentist to spot any problems early and give a better chance for success with preventive treatments.[/pullquote]

Calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth and many, women especially, either consume too little calcium or begin suffering from bone loss typical of the aging process. A well-balanced diet that includes calcium-rich dairy or calcium-fortified non-dairy substitutes and juices ensures the body receives what it needs to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Maintaining regular checkups allow the dentist to spot any problems early and give a better chance for success with preventive treatments. When a problem is spotted, the dentist can treat early rather than risk tooth and gum damage.

Dentist visits are one part of the dental equation, and when combined with a healthy diet, good hydration, and diligent brushing and flossing habits, teeth and gums have the greatest chance of remaining strong and healthy for life.

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