Will Invisalign Help with My Overbite?
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Will Invisalign Help with My Overbite?

Will Invisalign Help with My Overbite?

An overbite can occur for many reasons. From thumb sucking to insufficient jaw space to accommodate your teeth, the resulting overbite can squash self-confidence and discourage even the happiest person from smiling. However, there is a modern option available to correct an overbite without metal bands and brackets by using Invisalign clear plastic aligners.

You can eliminate an unsightly overbite without the discomfort of a mouthful of metal, wires and rubber bands. A consultation with the dentist will outline the many advantages of orthodontic correction with Invisalign. Clear, soft plastic aligners are designed to gently shift teeth into their correct position, but are virtually undetectable. The aligners are removable, which means no diet restrictions. You can continue to eat some of the healthy fruits and vegetables that can be discouraged when straightening teeth with traditional bands.

Daily flossing and brushing are critical to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Being able to remove your “braces” allows excellent dental hygiene to be maintained throughout orthodontic care. The dentist can monitor teeth to protect against dental decay that cannot be done with the same level of accuracy with traditional braces. No more wires to break, resulting in abrasions to soft tissues in the mouth.

Engaging in activities that require wearing a mouth guard couldn’t be easier. Simply pop out the Invisalign aligner, pop in your protective mouth guard, and replace with the aligner when done.

The science behind Invisalign lies with updating the aligners every few weeks throughout the straightening process. This means wearing the aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours per day is critical to treatment progress. As teeth are gradually moving to their correct position, a new aligner continues the adjustment process.

When wearing traditional braces, the dentist will employ tightening the wires to advance treatment. The idea with Invisalign is the same, but is accomplished in a much more subtle fashion. After taking pictures, x-rays and dental impressions, the Invisalign laboratory fabricates a series of aligners that allow real progress to be made when following the designed schedule. Periodic visits to the dentist will be needed to make sure the program stays on track.

The overbite slowly disappears, teeth are straightened and the smile makeover is complete. Time required for treatment is determined by the degree of malocclusion and the patient’s age. But with virtually invisible treatment, the process is much easier than ever before.

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