Professional Teeth Whitening Options
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Professional Teeth Whitening Options



ZOOM!® is a one-visit, usually one-hour teeth whitening system that is great for busy patients! A high-intensity light sometimes referred to as a laser whitening light, is used to enhance the effectiveness of the bleach. The bleaching agent used, however, is the most important element of the process. Before the whitening, a rubber shield is placed or a special gel is applied to protect the gums. Desensitizers can be applied, as well, to minimize tooth sensitivity. We think you will be impressed by the results that can be achieved by ZOOM! in only an hour!


Take-Home Tray Whitening


Take-home teeth whitening trays are custom made to fit your mouth and enable you to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home. The whitening gel given is made from a lower concentration of peroxide, which allows it to remain safely on your teeth longer (sometimes overnight). Take-home tray whitening can achieve the same stain-free look as ZOOM! whitening, it just takes a little longer.