Will I still have to wear a retainer after Invisalign?

Many patients are turning to Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment because the system looks better and is more convenient.

Your dentist will use the system of clear plastic trays to reposition the teeth based on the basic orthodontic principles of exerting specified forces on the teeth to move them.

This process is facilitated by remodeling of the bone. Essentially, the patient’s previous bone structure breaks down. Then, the teeth are relocated and new bone support builds up around them to secure the new positions. After active treatment, retainers help to reinforce this new bone structure. 

Many patients are turning to Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment because the system looks better and is more convenient.

Regardless of the type of orthodontic intervention used, the teeth have a natural tendency to revert back to their original position after active treatment. If no retainer is in place, the months spent in orthodontics will be all for naught!

So, yes, even Invisalign patients need to wear retainers if they want to preserve their perfectly aligned smiles.

Invisalign patients have different retainer options. They may choose a traditional retainer, which is made of plastic and wires, or opt for the more modern style retainer, which is made of clear plastic and looks similar to an Invisalign tray. Invisalign patients often go with a more modern retainer to maintain minimal intrusion on the appearance of their smiles.

Some patients believe that they can use their final Invisalign aligner tray as a substitute for a retainer, but that is not wise. The aligner trays are intended to move the teeth rather than hold them in place, as a retainer does. If you wear an aligner tray as a retainer, your teeth may continue to move past their targeted positions.

Dentists used to think that patients only needed to wear retainers for several years after treatment, but more recent research is supporting the idea of lifetime retention. So, if you’re going to have to wear your retainer for decades, you need to be comfortable with the retainer that you choose.

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