Will My Whitened Teeth Retain Their New Color?
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Will My Whitened Teeth Retain Their New Color?

Will My Whitened Teeth Retain Their New Color?

Teeth whitening is a hugely popular form of cosmetic dentistry. From specially formulated toothpastes and do-it-yourself home kits, to professional treatments such as Zoom teeth whitening, millions of people around the world use a tooth whitening product, or seek tooth whitening advice from their dentist in order to improve the look of their smile.

Zoom teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten a smile. The main ailments to befall anyone who undergoes tooth whitening are usually nothing more serious than temporary tooth sensitivity, or slight gum tissue irritation.

It is worth remembering that tooth whitening is not a permanent solution, and regardless of the type of treatment taken, your teeth will begin to exhibit signs of staining once again after treatment. This is due to the fact that teeth are porous. Although they might appear to be solid, the tooth’s enamel can absorb staining agents such as dark drinks, in much the same way a sponge can absorb water.

As a result, as a person’s smile begins to dull and fade, many undertake to refresh their smile once again through additional treatment. Several factors can influence the shade of a person’s teeth, and the speed at which staining reoccurs.

These factors can include the consumption of dark-colored drinks, such as coffee or tea; sticky foods such as cakes and pastries, and candies; tobacco use, and more. Your dentist can advise on the types of food and drink to avoid in order to prolong the appearance of your smile after tooth whitening treatment.

Keeping teeth clean through a good dental health regime can also help keep teeth whiter for longer. Plaque and tartar can trap and hold staining agents, and so it is important to undertake regular brushing and flossing to help remove and inhibit the growth and spread of plaque, and so extend the longevity of your tooth whitening results.

Despite your best efforts, your tooth whitening will fade with time; the results aren’t permanent, but there is nothing to prevent you from revisiting tooth whitening treatments in the future and prolonging that dazzling smile.

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