Zoom Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?
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Zoom Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?

Zoom Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?

Zoom teeth whitening AustinMany people try to whiten their smiles at home with over the counter teeth whitening products. Some patients come to our practice feeling very skeptical of whitening treatments because most over the counter products produce minimal, if any, results. Store bought products only contain small amounts of the active ingredients that whiten teeth and unfortunately, these many products make misleading claims. Despite the limitations of store bought products, there is a solution to achieving a visibly brighter and whiter smile with professional cosmetic dentistry. Our dentist office offers Zoom teeth whitening, a non-invasive treatment method that can dramatically lighten the darkest stains on teeth. In just one visit to our practice, patients can achieve a smile that is up to ten shades lighter. Zoom teeth whitening is safe, effective, and convenient.

How is professional teeth whitening different?

Professional teeth whitening is very different from store bought whitening gels, strips, and toothpaste because our practice utilizes prescription strength ingredients that can penetrate the enamel surface of teeth to truly bleach permanent tooth stains. Since more potent bleaching solutions are used, patients can achieve much more noticeable results that won’t damage tooth enamel.

What does Zoom teeth whitening entail, exactly?

Receiving Zoom teeth whitening is a quick, comfortable cosmetic dentistry procedure. The procedure only takes about 45 minutes to an hour. First, our team will place an oral appliance into the mouth to hold it open and then apply liquid dam and gauze over soft oral tissues and the gums to protect them from irritation. Then we will apply the prescription strength bleaching solution over the front sides of teeth. Once the solution is applied, patients will recline in our comfortable examination chairs while a dental laser hovers over the mouth to speed up the teeth whitening process. The laser concentrates a beam of light over the teeth that deepens and accelerates the bleaching procedure.

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