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Are dental crowns a factor in Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign north AustinInvisalign is a great alternative to traditional orthodontia. Millions of people throughout the United States and beyond have improved the placement of their teeth by wearing Invisalign. Although this orthodontic system effectively straightens teeth and corrects spacing issues, it is still a relatively new form of orthodontic treatment and many people have questions about how Invisalign works and who best benefits from it.

You might be wondering what makes Invisalign different.  Perhaps you are wondering if this treatment will interfere with previous dental work like crowns. Those with dental crowns can utilize Invisalign to straighten their teeth without negatively affecting their restorations. In some cases, wearing Invisalign is preferred to traditional orthodontia for those with dental crowns because Invisalign doesn’t utilize fixed oral appliances that require bonding to restorations on teeth.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works by applying consistent gentle force and pressure to teeth, much like traditional metal and wire braces do. The difference, however, is that Invisalign is a retainer-like oral appliance made from semi-pliable plastics. Called “aligners”, Invisalign’s oral appliances are removable and not fixed or bonded to teeth.

Patients will wear a set of aligners for two weeks and then receive a new, tighter set. Tighter aligners are worn in succession throughout the course of treatment to produce noticeable results. With time, patients will begin to see results like straighter teeth that are evenly spaced.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Compared to fixed orthodontia, Invisalign offers some unique advantages. Invisalign’s aligners are removable. This means that people can remove their aligners for brushing, flossing, and eating. Many patients report that oral hygiene and eating is difficult because metal and wire braces can be obstructive. Removable aligners resolve this potential issue.

An obvious benefit of Invisalign is this teeth straightening system’s discreet appearance. Since aligners are clear and plastic, others will likely not notice that you are receiving orthodontic treatment. Moreover, the plastic design of aligners will not cut into soft oral tissue, thus increasing one’s level of comfort during treatment.

To find out if Invisalign is right for you, call Balcones Family Dental at 512-200-7422 to reserve a consultation.

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5 Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign Round RockInvisalign has become a very popular tooth straightening system – especially among teens and adults. This revolutionary orthodontic method improves the positioning of teeth in a very inconspicuous manner. Patients with Invisalign enjoy a number of benefits including comfortable and effective treatment. Our dentist office is honored to offer Invisalign to members of our community.

Invisalign Straightens Teeth Effectively

Like traditional, metal and wire braces, Invisalign slowly moves teeth to straighter and healthier positions over time. Invisalign utilizes force and pressure with form-fitting oral appliances to move teeth during the course of treatment. This orthodontic system can improve the appearance and position of gapped, crooked, and overlapped teeth as well as a person’s occlusion.

Invisalign is Discreet

Invisalign treatment consists of wearing clear, plastic appliances called aligners. These aligners are very discreet and are virtually undetectable to others. This makes straightening one’s teeth much more inconspicuous than other forms of orthodontia.

Aligners are Removable

Invisalign aligners can be removed for meals and oral hygiene. This allows patients to thoroughly clean their teeth without brackets and wires obstructing their toothbrush or floss. Those receiving Invisalign can also eat any type of food comfortably.

Invisalign is Comfortable

Since Invisalign is made from soft plastic, the aligners will not cut into or irritate the linings of lips and cheeks. This makes receiving teeth straightening treatment much more comfortable when compared to traditional metal braces.

Straight Teeth are Healthier Teeth

When teeth are positioned properly, patients tend to enjoy better oral health. This is because properly spaced, aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and thus, are less susceptible to dental caries, gum disease and the advanced problems related to these conditions.

Our practice believes that it’s never too late to straighten one’s teeth and improve one’s oral health and appearance. If you are interested in straightening your smile, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our dentists to find out if Invisalign is right for you.

Call our friendly team today to reserve an appointment at Balcones Family Dental.

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How do I get started with Invisalign?

Invisalign Round RockIf the image in your mirror does not reflect what you want due to an overbite, under bite, or cross bite, contact our dental team to learn how easy and convenient Invisalign orthodontic treatment is to obtain a smile makeover that can enhance your appearance and improve your dental health.

At your initial appointment, you will have dental x-rays, impressions and photographs taken. These tools will aid in determining your candidacy for Invisalign teeth straightening.

Once accepted, these same tools will be sent to the Invisalign lab. Utilizing 3-D digital technology, a series of clear aligners will be fabricated that will be updated every few weeks as your teeth progress to their new location.

Invisalign teeth straightening will provide many benefits unavailable with other methods:

They are clear … this makes wearing these braces virtually invisible. This is very important for teens and young professionals who want straight teeth without the concerns of metal braces.

They are removable … this makes your daily oral hygiene tasks of brushing and flossing a breeze as you just remove the aligners to complete this job, rinse your aligners, and replace.

In addition, you can continue to eat all the foods you love. Take the aligners out while snacking or during meals … just remember to replace as soon as you are finished.

They are comfortable … The material used to make the aligners is strong enough to gently shift teeth to their correct placement, but without any metal or wires to damage soft oral tissues.

They are convenient … You will still need to see your Invisalign dentist to make sure the program is on track, but these appointments will not include uncomfortable wire tightening. Simply update the aligners on the schedule provided.

Wearing your aligners the recommended 20 to 22 hours every day will allow your teeth to be relocated to the correct occlusion. Once there, you will wear a retainer to help assure your teeth solidify their new position.

Our skilled team at Balcones Family Dental can assist in providing you a smile makeover; in addition, straight teeth will contribute to healthier teeth and gums for your lifetime. Call 512-200-7422 today to schedule your Invisalign consultation.

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Can Invisalign correct crowded teeth?

Invisalign Round RockSince Invisalign has been made available to the public, millions of people have improved the function and aesthetics of their smiles. This revolutionary orthodontic system eliminates the need for permanent orthodontic appliances and instead, utilizes removable aligners made of plastic to move teeth to healthier positions over the course of treatment. Invisalign can improve spacing issues such as crowded or gapped teeth, as well as misaligned bites and overlapping teeth. Our dentists offer consultations for adults and teenagers seeking an alternative to conspicuous metal orthodontia.

How does Invisalign work?

As with traditional orthodontia, Invisalign corrects the positioning of teeth by applying force and pressure. Applying continuous and steady pressure will shift teeth to a straighter alignment over time. Unlike traditional metal and wire braces, though, Invisalign is made from different materials. Patients will simply wear a custom fitted retainer-like appliance called an aligner for two weeks at a time. These custom aligners will then be swapped out for a tighter set every successive two weeks until treatment is complete.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Wearing Invisalign offers numerous benefits to patients. First, the construction of Invisalign aligners means that patients can receive orthodontic treatment in as discreet a manner as possible. Since these aligners are clear, they are not noticeable to others.

Another benefit related to the materials that make up Invisalign is the fact that the plastic used to craft aligners will not cut into or irritate the linings of the cheeks and lips or the tongue.

Lastly, since patients can take out their aligners for meals and oral hygiene, eating a balanced diet and cleaning one’s mouth is much easier than with traditional braces.

How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

Even though Invisalign can help many patients, some folks benefit better from traditional orthodontia. Our dentists can help you determine the best method of treatment for your situation. To schedule a consultation with our friendly and caring staff, call us at Balcones Family Dental today.

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I have an underbite: Can Invisalign help?

North Austin InvisalignIn addition to misaligned teeth, bite issues such as overbites and underbites affect one’s appearance and oral function. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, many adults prefer discreet methods of improving their appearance and bite (occlusion). For this reason, our dentists offer Invisalign – a revolutionary way to address bite issues and misaligned teeth that is both inconspicuous and comfortable. Sometimes referred to as “clear braces”, Invisalign was specifically designed as a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional metal and wire braces. This form of treatment can correct common issues like gapped, crooked, and overlapped teeth as well as improve underbites and overbites.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works similarly to traditional braces. The difference, however, is in the materials used. Instead of conspicuous brackets and metal wires, Invisalign straightens teeth with the use of form-fitting aligners made of semi-soft plastics. Patients will wear a set of aligners for about two weeks and then swap out their previous set for a new, tighter set. Each set is designed specifically for each patient so that they fit properly and apply just enough pressure and force to straighten teeth over time.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Aligners are made from clear plastics and therefore are very discreet. In fact, Invisalign is practically undetectable to others. In addition to being discreet, Invisalign is comfortable. The plastic used to make aligners will not cut into or irritate soft oral tissues as fixed, metal orthodontia does. Lastly, Invisalign is removable. When wearing Invisalign, aligners are removed during meals and oral hygiene. This makes eating food, brushing, and flossing much easier.

Who is a candidate for clear braces?

Many people can benefit from this type of treatment. Typically, Invisalign is reserved for adults or teenagers. If you wonder whether clear braces are right for your needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our dentists. At your appointment, our team will evaluate the placement of your teeth through an oral examination to see how Invisalign can be of benefit to you.

Call our practice at 512-200-7422 to reserve an appointment and discuss with our specialists about whether Invisalign is right for you! 

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What Conditions Does Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign North AustinWhen your child reaches the age of seven, it is recommended they visit the dentist for an examination and evaluation regarding the possible need for orthodontic correction. It is possible at this appointment the dentist might suggest doing nothing, but as more teeth emerge (particularly the third molars), this may no longer be a good option. Invisalign has a program that can correct many dental malocclusions:

Over bite – Teeth may protrude due to overcrowding or from an external issue like thumb sucking.

Under bite – Teeth might push inward if there is insufficient jaw space for new teeth to come in.

Cross bite – This occurs when the top teeth do not properly align to their corresponding bottom teeth.

All of these issues are very common; and all are very treatable with Invisalign. Teens and young adults are often very self-conscious so the Invisalign program is perfect for them for many reasons:

They are clear – The aligners are made from a clear material making them virtually undetectable.

They are comfortable – The material is strong enough to slowly move teeth to their correct position; but so comfortable because there are no metal bands or brackets to cause sore gums or cheeks.

They are removable – This is probably the most advantageous aspect of this teeth straightening method. The wearer removes the aligner for meals and snacking allowing all their favorite foods to remain on the menu.

In addition to eating all the foods they love, the aligners can be removed for the daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. There are no obstacles to make this daily task difficult. The dentist can perform a thorough cleaning and dental exam every six months throughout treatment as well.

Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, treatment can take anywhere from six months to a couple of years … very similar to the traditional orthodontics. The aligners must be worn a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to keep the program on track. Periodic visits to the dentist are required (not a substitute for the six month cleaning appointment) to make sure progress remains on schedule.

To learn more about Invisalign, contact Balcones Family Dental at 512-200-7422 and schedule your informative consultation today.

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Invisalign: Clear, Removable, Comfortable

Invisalign north AustinEveryone wants a beautiful smile … and for many they can enjoy that smile thanks to great genetics. But for the many more that are not born with beautifully straight teeth, there are Invisalign clear aligners.

Having straight teeth is not just for aesthetics. Crooked or misshapen teeth provide many places for plaque to build that can lead to dental decay or gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing help to keep teeth healthy between visits to the dentist, but some areas too difficult to reach due to a dental malocclusion can become problematic.

With Invisalign, the patient enjoys many advantages over traditional teeth straightening methods:

Clear – The aligners are clear which makes treatment virtually undetectable. This is very important especially for teens and young professionals.

Removable – With most teeth straightening methods, the braces are permanently cemented into place throughout treatment. With Invisalign, the aligners are taken out to eat meals and snacks; brush and floss daily; and for dental office visits for teeth cleaning and needed treatment.

One huge advantage this provides is the patient can continue to eat all the foods they love including all the fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, and many healthy snacks that are difficult and often discouraged with other teeth straightening methods.

Comfortable – These aligners are sturdy enough to gently reshape your occlusion, but since there is no metal involved, there are no wires to poke soft oral tissue or bands to cause oral abrasions.

At your initial appointment, photographs, dental x-rays, and impressions will be taken. These tools will be sent to the Invisalign lab where technicians will employ 3-D digital technology to fabricate a series of aligners that the patient will update every few weeks as teeth progress to their correct placement.

Your dentist will outline the program to be followed, which includes the necessity to wear the aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to achieve your teeth straightening goals in the time frame allowed.

Visits to the dentist periodically to make sure the process stays on track does not eliminate the need for hygiene appointments every six months.

Upon treatment completion a retainer will be worn to help teeth develop a memory for their new location; this is a critical step in finalizing the process that will help you maintain your new, beautiful smile.

To find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign, contact Balcones Family Dental at 512-200-7422 today.

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Can Invisalign correct a misaligned bite?

Invisalign north AustinInvisalign is a convenient system for straightening the smile using clear, plastic trays instead of clunky metal brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. When this treatment method debuted, some patients were told that they could only take advantage of it if they had mild misalignments of the teeth without a malocclusion (“bad bite”). Now, the technology has improved, and Invisalign can help to correct a bad bite.

Overbites and underbites are common complaints from patients who want to improve their smiles, and your dentist can use Invisalign to resolve these issues in addition to re-aligning crooked teeth.

Even crossbites can respond to efforts to reposition them with Invisalign. In a jaw that is too small to accommodate all of the teeth, severe crowding can occur. This system may be able to improve the smiles of these patients as well. Ask for your dentist’s guidance on whether this treatment can help you achieve the specific outcomes you desire. 

Overbites and underbites are common complaints from patients who want to improve their smiles, and your dentist can use Invisalign to resolve these issues in addition to re-aligning crooked teeth.

The conditions listed above are caused by different factors. For example, an overbite can develop when a patient’s upper jaw grows too quickly. In contrast, the upper jaw may be underdeveloped in a patient with an underbite. Your dentist will consider the specifics of your case when deciding on your Invisalign treatment plan.

In addition to detracting from your smile’s appearance, these malocclusions can have negative implications for your oral health and your general health as well. An incorrectly aligned bite may not be as effective at chewing and may impact your nutrition as a result. Certain abnormal patterns of jaw growth may also be detrimental to your gum tissue by putting too much pressure on it.

Patients who choose Invisalign gain a number of benefits in comparison to traditional braces. They can be removed at meal time and for the patient’s oral hygiene routine, so patients can sustain their normal activities when it comes to eating, brushing and flossing.

If you have a “bad bite,” contact Balcones Family Dental at 512-200-7422 to schedule an Invisalign consultation. This treatment system may be able to help you achieve your desired smile.

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How will Invisalign affect my life?

Invisalign Round RockWhen considering orthodontic treatment, patients will often weigh any inconveniences associated with the treatment and the overall effects that braces will have on their day-to-day lives. Fortunately, patients who choose Invisalign will experience minimal, if any, disruption to their daily routines.

Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to reposition the teeth rather than brackets and wires. Although patients should wear the trays for 20-22 hours per day to get the best results within the desired timeline, the trays can be removed at meal time and in the morning and evening to allow you to perform your oral hygiene routine.

Therefore, patients who choose this method will be able to continue to enjoy their favorite foods. Of course, sweet treats should still be limited in order to reduce your risk of tooth decay. Additionally, you won’t need to use any special tools or techniques beyond proper brushing and flossing to keep your teeth clean.

Another benefit of this system is that your smile is not obscured by metal appliances during treatment. Even “clear” brackets still require wires and cover up your teeth, but with Invisalign, you can enjoy the results as they develop.

To gain all of the advantages of Invisalign, patients do need to take on more responsibility for the treatment, however. With the dentist’s oversight, patients play a more active role with this system.

Patients will receive a number of Invisalign trays that must be changed periodically to keep the teeth moving in the desired direction. Patients need to adhere to the timeline provided by their dentist for changing the trays.

However, because the patient is essentially making the necessary adjustments, there are fewer visits to the dentist’s office with Invisalign. There’s no need to schedule appointments every few weeks to have wires changed or other appliances tweaked or modified. Most Invisalign patients will complete treatment within about 18 months, which is shorter than the period needed for traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign is unlikely to create the need for any significant changes in your life. Just be sure to wear the trays for the recommended amount of time each day and switch to a new tray according to the schedule provided by your dentist. Feel free to ask a member of our staff if you have any specific concerns about this treatment.

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Avoid Metal Wires and Brackets with Invisalign

Invisalign Cedar ParkHaving straight teeth is more important for your dental health than a beautiful smile. However, many teens and adults are often more concerned about appearance and functionality than health concerns. But there is a way to achieve a great smile and healthy teeth without sacrificing aesthetics during treatment. Invisalign clear aligners provide results without metal wires and brackets.

An over bite, under bite, or cross bite can result in creating areas in the mouth where crooked teeth harbor bacteria increasing plaque build-up. This excessive plaque increases the likelihood for dental decay or gum disease. When teeth are straight, your tooth brush and floss have a better chance to reach those areas.

The advantages of Invisalign clear aligners over metal bands and brackets are numerous. They include:

Removable – Metal braces are cemented in place. They aren’t going anywhere until treatment is completed. Invisalign aligners are simply popped out to eat meals and snacks. This means no limits on what you can eat. Just put back when done.

Since they are removable, the daily oral hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing is easily completed without any metal obstacles.

Transparent – No one wants a mouthful of metal, but you can smile freely because these teeth straighteners are virtually invisible. The aligners are made from a clear material making your teeth straightening treatment indiscernible.

Comfortable – Metal wires can break poking into soft oral tissues or the metal bands can rub creating abrasions. This can’t happen with Invisalign because there are no metal or wires involved.

A consultation with our dentist will provide all the information you need to transform your misshapen teeth into a beautiful smile. Once you have been qualified for Invisalign, our dentist will take dental impressions, photographs, and x-rays.

These are the tools used by the Invisalign lab to fabricate a series of aligners using 3-D digital technology. The aligners are replaced every couple of weeks with subtle changes allowing teeth to be gently repositioned to correct the bite.

Aligners are designed to be worn a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to keep the straightening process on track.

At the conclusion of treatment, the patient will have a beautiful smile. But the ultimate reward is the potential for healthy teeth and gums improved to last a lifetime.

Call our team today at 512-200-7422 and set up a consultation with our skilled dental team.

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