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Welcome to Balcones Family Dental in Austin, TX! Our focus on patient comfort sets us apart, and we think you’ll notice the difference as soon as you visit us. We are committed to using up-to-date dental technology and quality materials in a welcoming and relaxing environment so you can get the smile you deserve and enjoy the process, too! Whether you have a dental emergency, feel anxious about visiting the dentist, can’t eat the food you love, are embarrassed to smile or you’re simply overdue for a cleaning and checkup, you are in the right place. Our patient-centered staff is proud to bring you the highest standard of service and care available, all with the end result in mind…a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Meet Dr. Paul Lounsberry

Dr. Paul Lounsberry has been practicing general dentistry in Austin since he graduated from dental school at the University Of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1984. One of Dr. Lounsberry’s long-term goals was to have a neighborhood family practice near home. He fulfilled that goal in June of 1995 when he opened Balcones Family Dental, and as the name implies, his practice caters to the entire family!

Dr. Ross Maddox | Balcones Family Dental | Austin, TX

Meet Dr. Ross Maddox

Dr. Ross Maddox is originally from Dallas and has been in the Central Texas area for over 10 years. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from Texas State University and is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Dr. Maddox joined Balcones Family Dental in the summer of 2011. His affinity for the hill country and outdoors make Austin a perfect home for Dr. Maddox.

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 Do dental implants provide permanent tooth replacement?


Dental implants offer a long-term tooth replacement option. Implants are tiny screws that are made of titanium, which is bio-compatible, allowing the implant to fuse with the bone. This process, known as osseointegration, gives dental implants more strength and stability in comparison to tooth replacement alternatives, such as bridges and dentures. Implants look and feel more like natural teeth, as well, and for the most part, they can be maintained in the same fashion, too.

Over the years, implant dentistry has continued to improve upon dental implant technology, and these efforts have resulted in a product that serves as the ultimate solution in terms of form and function. The artificial crown that sits atop the implant is a realistic approximation of a biological tooth, and the implant itself replaces the structure of the missing tooth’s root.

In fact, that aspect of functionality is a major factor in the permanence of dental implants. When the tooth’s root is absent, the jaw bone begins to recede because it no longer has a structure that serves as an anchor. So, when teeth are replaced using a method that does not replicate the root in addition to the crown, bone loss may cause those methods to fail. For example, in denture wearers, the shape of the jaw bone changes so dramatically that the patient must be re-fitted for new dentures after several years.

What are the advantages of dental implants?


Dental implants are quite possibly today’s very best substitute for missing teeth, and patients gain a number of benefits when they choose dental implants for tooth replacement.

Dental implants are self-supporting, which means that they require no structural support from surrounding teeth. This reduces the patient’s chances of experiencing additional tooth loss as healthy tooth enamel doesn’t need to be sacrificed to place a crown to secure the prosthetic.

Because dental implants are secured into the jaw, they are able to provide the stability that is necessary for chewing fresh vegetables, raw fruits, and even meats. This characteristic allows dental implant patients to enjoy a wider variety of foods, even crunchy ones! Plus, implants are designed to become a permanent part of your smile. That means that they will remain in place both day and night without needing to be removed and without the use of denture adhesives. .

Convenience is another advantage of dental implants, which require no special oral hygiene care beyond the good, thorough brushing and flossing that you’re (hopefully) already doing on a daily basis.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?


Dental implants are suitable for healthy individuals who have matured to the point where bone growth has been achieved. Whether you need one or more teeth restored, implant dentistry can help you achieve a total smile makeover. When completed, you will once again be able to realize the joy of eating the foods you love, speaking without insecurities and laughing with total confidence.

To determine if you are a candidate for dental implants, your dentist will assess your dental and physical health. Patients who suffer from immune disorders, have had cancer or have been diagnosed with periodontal disease may require additional treatment to qualify for dental implantation.

Discuss this treatment option with our dentists at Balcones Family Dental to learn more about how dental implants can have a long-term, positive impact on your oral health.

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