Dental Cleanings and Exams in Austin, TX

Even if you take great care of your teeth and gums at home (and we know that you do!) it’s important to still visit our office on a regular basis to receive routine dental cleanings and exams. Whether you schedule your check-ups like clockwork or it’s been a while since you’ve visited your local Austin dental practice, our team at Balcones Family Dental would love to assist you. Contact our office today!

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woman sitting in a dental chair, talking with her dentist

Why are dental cleanings and exams necessary?

During a cleaning, your hygienist removes plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth and gumline, which cannot be effectively eliminated through regular brushing and flossing alone. This helps prevent gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

Additionally, dental exams allow dentists to detect early signs of dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other abnormalities. Early detection enables prompt intervention and treatment, preventing the progression of these conditions and minimizing the need for more invasive procedures in the future.

woman with a bright, white smile

Do dental cleanings whiten your teeth?

While dental cleanings can remove surface stains and discoloration caused by plaque and tartar buildup, they are not specifically intended for teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening treatments are much more effective for achieving significant whitening results.

However, regular dental cleanings can contribute to a healthier and brighter smile by removing surface stains and keeping the teeth and gums clean and free of harmful bacteria. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene habits and avoiding staining foods and beverages can help preserve the results of teeth whitening treatments and promote long-term dental health and aesthetics.

two people discussing dental-related paperwork

Are dental cleanings and exams affordable?

Dental cleanings and exams are often covered by dental insurance and are relatively inexpensive treatments, especially in comparison to the cost of restorative services. Investing in high-quality preventive dentistry can help prevent services like fillings and dental crowns from becoming necessary, which saves patients time and money. If you have any questions or concerns about financing the cost of your family’s routine check-ups, please visit our financial page or get in touch with our friendly front office team, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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