We’re glad you’re coming in for your first visit to Balcones Family Dental. For your first visit, you’ll be required to complete four forms (one only requires initials or a signature): Welcome Form, Dental History Form, Medical History Form, and an Authorization form. These forms may be completed in our waiting room or you may fill them out prior to your visit.

For your convenience, we’ve bundled all of the required forms into one PDF document.  To complete the forms:

  • Right-click on the appropriate link below and save a copy of the file to your Desktop.
  • Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Mac users: Please be sure to use Acrobat Reader to complete the form. Mac Preview will not work properly.
  • Complete each form in the document.  Be sure to save as you go. You can stop and return to completing the form at any time.
  • Print the completed forms or email the PDF file to info@balconesfamilydental.com.
  • Be sure to sign and intial each form where required.
  • Bring the forms with you on your first visit.

Adult Forms   Child Forms (Ages 12 & under)